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Hääkuvaus Oulu - Sami & Nahomi

I met this international couple in January in the wedding fair in Oulu. It was only three weeks before their wedding and they didn't have a wedding photographer yet. We had a quick conversation at my booth and few days later Sami called and booked me. Luckily the weekend was still free in my calendar because I really enjoyed the atmosphere  in this small Finnish-Japanese wedding.

It was the coldest time of the year during the wedding and temperature had been around -30C for weeks. However, on the wedding day thermometer went only around -10C and we managed to get few stunning outdoor portraits. Here's the story of their day.

Hopefully one day I have a change to visit in Japan. And when I do, it would be nice to meet these great guys again. Congratulations for your families once again!

p.s I wasn't kidding, Nokia and rubber boots is a real thing. Actually now after the MS partnership many think it would make more viable strategy again ;)

p.s.s I know you are gonna hate me even more now, but Apple phone wasn't all. I also chose Xbox over PS3 :D